Thioredoxin Systems AB is a growing organisation, supported by an expert advisory board, dedicated to the development of EbsArgent® as a new solution to antimicrobial resistance.


Magnus Holmgren


A pioneer in radio access networks and has over 20 years’ experience in telecom systems and developing mobile data. Magnus has extensive experience in line management. He is the son of the late Arne Holmgren and driven by the wish to progress his father’s science in the hope that it can contribute to a solution to antibiotic resistance and the threat that it’s posing against the humanity.

“Resistant bacteria is a big threat against the humanity. If our father Arne Holmgren’s science can contribute to a solution, me and my sister Anna-Lena would both be incredibly proud.”

Anna-Lena Sventelius


An experienced published and editor-in-chief with almost 30 years’ experience in journalistic publishing for esteemed media companies like Bonnier Magazines & Brands. Anna-Lena is the daughter of company founder Arne Holmgren and has been devoted to seeing his company continue the development of his patents and scientific discoveries after his passing.

“Our father Arne Holmgren really lived for his science. Me and my brother Magnus are very happy to be able to run Arne’s patents and company, Thioredoxin Systems AB, together with a very competent group of people.”

Peter Holm, PhD


A European Patent Attorney with a PhD in biochemistry and biophysics from Karolinska Institutet. Peter is a partner and country manager for Sweden at the patent law firm Høiberg. He has conducted research as a guest researcher at renowned institutions such as Yale University, Kyoto University and at Institut Curie. He is also an expert in strategic IP counselling for life science companies and supports a number of Scandinavian pharmaceutical companies as advisor and board member.

Mohamad Takwa, PhD


A seasoned business visionary who holds executive positions at rapidly growing global companies operating in the medical device and pharmaceutical markets. Mohamad has an extensive scientific background which he has leveraged to build innovation and transform scientific discoveries into commercial products. With an extensive track record as a board member, he adeptly navigates complex market regulations and provides strategic guidance to ventures focused on pioneering technologies.

Prof. Elias S.J. Arnér, MD PhD


A world-renowned scientist in redox biology and biotechnological applications with more than 170 publications and four granted patents, who succeeded Prof. Arne Holmgren as head of the Division of Biochemistry at MBB, Karolinska Institutet. Elias has effectively translated his successful academic research into commercial ventures within biotechnology and medicine, bridging scientific ingenuity with real-world impact. Through astute leadership and exceptional business intelligence he has promoted fast-paced technology development and efficient market entry of several companies, fostering innovation.