Thioredoxin Systems AB is a growing organisation, supported by an expert advisory board, dedicated to the development of EbsArgentTM as a new solution to antimicrobial resistance.


Mohamad Takwa, PhD

BOARD MEMBER | +46 72-322 22 21

Mohamad holds a PhD in biotechnology from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Mohamad has co-founded several successful biotech and cleantech start-ups, like Thyrolytics, Spermosens, Avsalt and Viraspec. He is also experienced in the journey from early start-up to listed company, as he co-founded and developed Bioextrax AB (publ).

Prof. Elias S.J. Arnér, MD PhD


Elias earned his PhD from the Karolinska Institute in 1993 and became a Medical Doctor in 1997. He has been a professor at KI since 2009 and leads a research group focusing on mammalian thioredoxin system in health and disease. Elias worked closely together with Professor Arne Holmgren before his death.

Peter Holm, PhD


Peter holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Karolinsk Institute. He is a European Patent Attorney, Partner and country manager for Sweden at the patent law firm Høiberg. Peter is an expert in strategic IP counseling for life science companies and supports a number of Scandinavian pharmaceutical companies.

Anna-Lena Sventelius


Anna-Lena has almost 30 years experience of journalistic publishing. She is current editor in chief and publisher of the magazine Lantliv (141 000 readers). Anna-Lena is the daughter of Thioredoxin System AB's founder Arne Holmgren.

“Our father Arne Holmgren really lived for his science. Me and my brother Magnus are very happy to be able to run Arne’s patents and company, Thioredoxin Systems AB, together with a very competent group of people.”

Magnus Holmgren


Magnus has worked in development of telecom systems for over 20 years and was a pioneer in the development of mobile data in radio access networks. He has more than 15 years of experience in line management. Magnus is the son of Thioredoxin System AB's founder Arne Holmgren.

“Resistant bacteria is a big threat against the humanity. If our father Arne Holmgren’s science can contribute to a solution, me and my sister Anna-Lena would both be incredibly proud.”