Breakthrough in the fight against antibiotic resistance

EbsArgentTM is a revolutionizing antibiotic regimen against pathogenic bacteria capable of functioning as an antiseptic, antibacterial in food production, and as a medicinal product. With its versatility and ability to kill a wide range of multi-drug resistant bacteria, it is among the most promising antibiotic regimen under development today.

Antibiotic resistance – the future health problem

We are entering a new era of global health crisis as the levels of antibiotic resistance are rapidly increasing. In a post-antibiotic world even the most common diseases will become life threatening. The present solutions presented by the World Health Organization can only partially slow down the development of multi-drug resistance (MDR). In the year 2050 ten million people will die from antimicrobial-resistant diseases with numbers rising if nothing is done. Thioredoxin Systems offers a solution to this health threat.


The new remedy developed by Thioredoxin Systems AB named EbsArgentTM is a revolutionizing antibiotic regimen with properties to efficiently kill a wide range of multi-drug resistant bacteria. When targeting important life-sustaining and growth-enabling enzyme systems (the bacterial thioredoxin system), EbsArgentTM, not only kills the multi-resistant bacteria but also prohibits any possibility of resistance development. Thioredoxin Systems AB offers its solution to a large variation of industries. EbsArgentTM is very versatile and applicable to most products where antibiotics are currently used. It can be integrated in material mixes, such as plastics and fabrics, to use in hospital beds or health care machinery. It offers the same antimicrobial properties as other antiseptics used in paint or in kitchen utilities. With almost endless possibilities, EbsArgentTM is a viable and scalable solution to the most alarming issue for the future of human health.


EbsArgentTM combines ebselen and silver (argent). Ebselen is a synthetic organoselenium drug molecule with antimicrobial activity and silver is commonly used as an antibiotic coating on medical devices and wound dressings.


Ebselen, an organoselenium compound, mimics glutathione peroxidase and peroxiredoxin activities. It is a multifunctional compound, which catalyzes several essential reactions for the protection of cellular components from oxidative and free radical damage. Ebselen has been under clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of various disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, stroke, atherosclerosis, and cancer. 


Silver has long proven to prevent the growth of dangerous germs. During World War I, deep battlefield wounds were treated with silver. Today’s medical devices often contain silver coatings and silver is found in bandages and ointments because of its antibacterial properties. Studies have also shown that silver is effective against bacteria that are becoming resistant. Silver as a biocide has only recently been researched but the silver ions’ ability to penetrate cell walls of bacteria, without injuring mammalian cells, is highly interesting in drug development.

EbsArgentTM – A Swedish innovation

The founder of Thioredoxin Systems AB, Arne Holmgren (1940-2020), was active as professor and director of the Medical Nobel Institute for Biochemistry at the Karolinska Institutet. He discovered that combining ebselen with even very small concentrations of silver yielded highly synergistic effects against multi-resistant bacterial strains. EbsArgentTM targets the bacterial thioredoxin reductase system which is crucial for bacterial viability and growth but causes no overt toxicity in humans. By targeting these specific redox pathways, EbsArgentTM becomes an efficient biocide that can protect both the body and surfaces from bacteria.

About us



Thioredoxin Systems AB was founded in 1994 by Arne Holmgren (1940-2020), active as professor and director of the Medical Nobel Institute for Biochemistry at the Karolinska Institutet. Arne Holmgren was internationally known as the foremost authority in the scientific fields of thioredoxin and glutaredoxin studies. His science had effects on both cancer research and antimicrobial treatments. Arne Holmgren was a member of the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institutet and the RoyalSwedish Academy of Sciences.

Professor Holmgren has received several scientific awards, including The Svedberg Award (1979), Erik K Fernström Prize for Young Scientists at KI (1980), Erik K Fernström Nordic Prize for Medical Science from Lund University (1997), Abraham Spector prize from Columbia University (2006), The Science and Humanity Prize from The Oxygen Club of California (2006). He was also awarded Doctor Honoris causa at the University of Nancy, France (2009). Arne Holmgren was professionally active up until his death in January 2020. The work resulted in EbsArgentTM which was patented later that year.


Thioredoxin Systems AB is devoted to honoring the legacy of Professor Holmgren. The company today holds many of the patents Arne Holmgren was granted. Thioredoxin Systems AB is currently building an organization and a board of directors with wide range of expertise and extensive experience. With our active and diverse board of directors and operative colleagues, we continue to develop the EbsArgentTM innovation towards its implementation as a new solution to antimicrobial resistance.


Mohamad Takwa, PhD


Mohamad Takwa started his academic career studying Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Milano-Bicocca. He then joined the Biocatalysis group at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm in 2004, where he also received his PhD in biotechnology. Mohamad has co-founded several successful biotech and cleantech start-ups, like Thyrolytics, Spermosens, Avsalt and Viraspec. He is also experienced in the journey from early start-up to listed company, as he co-founded and developed Bioextrax AB (publ). Before that, Mohamad spent more than 15 years researching enzyme production, catalysis and engineering while contributing to more than 10 publications and 3 patents.

Prof. Elias S.J. Arnér, MD PhD


Elias Arnér, MD PhD, was appointed Professor in Biochemistry in 2009 and in 2008 he succeeded Prof. Arne Holmgren as Head of the Biochemistry Division in the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at Karolinska Institutet (KI). His PhD thesis (1993) was on nucleoside analogs as therapeutics and he did his first post doc (1993 to 1997) with Prof. Arne Holmgren on mammalian thioredoxin reductase as a selenoprotein, with a second post doc (1998 to 1999) with August Böck (Munich) on production of selenoproteins in E. coli. Studies of therapeutics, redox biology and selenoproteins continue to be the research topics in the Arnér laboratory. Arnér has published 150+ articles found in PubMed, with 18,500+ citations and an h-index of 59 (Google Scholar). As a world-renowned scientist in redox biology and biotechnological applications, and as the successor of Prof. Holmgren, his role as Scientific Advisor for Thioredoxin Systems AB helps to ensure a solid basis in redox biochemistry in the operations of the Company.

Peter Holm, PhD


Peter Holm is a European Patent Attorney, Partner and country manager for Sweden at the patent law firm HØIBERG. He has an MSc in Chemistry, and a PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics from Karolinska Institutet. Peter has conducted research as a guest researcher at Yale University (USA), Kyoto University (Japan) and at Institut Curie (France). He is an expert in strategic IP counselling for life science companies, and acts as a board member and advisor in a number of Scandinavian pharmaceutical companies.

Anna-Lena Sventelius


Anna-Lena Sventelius who is the daughter of Arne Holmgren has almost 30 years experience of journalistic publishing. Anna-Lena began her career working as a reporter for national magazines before continuing to work as an editor in chief and publishing director at LRF Media and Bonnier Magazines & Brands. She is current editor in chief and publisher of the magazine Lantliv (141 000 readers).

“Our father Arne Holmgren really lived for his science. Me and my brother Magnus are very happy to be able to run Arne’s patents and company, Thioredoxin Systems AB, together with a very competent group of people.”

Magnus Holmgren


Magnus Holmgren is the son of Professor Holmgren and has worked in development of telecom systems for over 20 years. Magnus was a pioneer in the development of mobile data in radio access networks. Magnus is currently involved in the development of 4G and 5G telecom systems at Ericsson. Magnus has more than 15 years of experience in line management.

“Resistant bacteria is a big threat against the humanity. If our father Arne Holmgren’s science can contribute to a solution, me and my sister Anna-Lena would both be incredibly proud.”

Martin Linde


Martin Linde has a Master’s degree in economy and an Executive MBA from Lund University. Martin has extensive industrial experience in foodtech and medtech and is the CEO of listed biotechnology company Aegirbio AB, awarded “Best listing of the year, 2020”. He is the former CEO of SensoDetect and Arc Aroma Pure and has also been involved in a number of boards such as Optifreeze, Acousort and Biofrigas.