Breakthrough in the fight against antibiotic resistance

EbsArgentTM is a revolutionizing and novel class of antibiotic active against multidrug-resistant gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria.

Antibiotic resistance – a new era of global health crisis

In a post-antibiotic world even the most common diseases will become life threatening. In the year 2050 ten million people will die from antimicrobial-resistant diseases with numbers rising if nothing is done. Thioredoxin Systems offers a solution to this health threat.


EbsArgentTM is a revolutionizing antibiotic regimen targeting important life-sustaining and growth-enabling enzyme systems (the bacterial thioredoxin system). EbsArgentTM kills both gram-positive and gram-negative multi-resistant bacteria.


EbsArgentTM combines ebselen and silver (argent). Ebselen is a synthetic organoselenium drug molecule with antimicrobial activity and silver is commonly used as an antibiotic coating on medical devices and wound dressings.